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Young Adult Retreat – REFLECTIONS

by MSH on January 30, 2012

Praise God for an incredible retreat.  We played.  We prayed.  We worshiped.  We fellowshiped.  Wonderful time!

At the end of the retreat, we asked everyone to write down a few words reflecting their weekend experience.  Here’re their answers, unedited:

What helped you experience God at this retreat?

  • The people, the love they shared through serving. The food is delicious and great. Good friendship. Accountability to each other. Show the love of God. Relaxing time at the retreat. Playing board games and interacting to aach other are enjoyable and fun.
  • The nature and everyone here give me a deeper understanding of God. Pastor Andrew answered my question really precise and simple that I now can clarify my faith and walk with God. I now acknowledge how loving and merciful God is through the Bible Study.
  • The nature and the warmness of the campground. The bonding time with the people of my age. Fun without serious responsibility.
  • Tôi thấyđựơc tình yêu thương qua sự giúp đở giữa anh em trong Chúa với nhau.
  • Worship.
  • Being away from my comfort of home to really feel God’s presence. To break away from routine helped also.
  • Worship, workshops, quiet time, and conversations.
  • GOD’S WORD!!!
  • Cuộc sống không có các mối quan hệ thì sẽ trở nên vô nghĩa…và tôi biết rằng chỉ có các mối quan hệ với con người không vẩn chưa đủ…Gắn kết với Chúa và có quan hệ khắn khít với Ngài là điều ý nghĩa nhất.
  • Workshops/Bible study. Questions and Answers time. Devotions each AM.
  • Through this retreat God opened my eyes to see things more clearly…The nature, his creation, help me see and feel his love for me.
  • Listening to His words, personal message, “new” and other friends in faith.
  • Spending time with nature, being outside + enjoying His creation. Spending time with each other, bonding and meeting new people.
  • Being able to meditate and reflect during workshop. I enjoy praying during that time.
  • Awesome worship Interactive Bible study/workshop. Fellowship time.
  • Being out in nature. Making new friends and bonds that could last. Just being disconnected from the world of fast pace and technology. Being able to slow down.
  • Morning devotion, worship, Bible Study, and workshop.
  • The natural scenery. Devotion + music. The awesome Bible study.
  • Great people. Excellent praise/worship. Devotion and fellowship with Christians.
  • Sang His songs, and learned His words with friends.
  • Hiking, singing praise, reading Bible, and spending time alone to pray.
  • The different workshops were extremely helpful, so were the devotion time.
  • Worship time, Bible lessons, fellowship…All of these things remind me how great is our God. It’s been a wonderful and amazing time.
  • The food. The similar age. The great music. The bonfire.
  • Sự gắn kết giữa các bạn trong Chúa với nhau giúp cho tôi kinh nghiệm được tình yêu Chúa.

What could be done to help you even more?

  • I know that relaxing and chilling are good, but a little bit more of sports could be fun.
  • We should have more time to share in small groups. It is more comfortable than to share in a big group.
  • Tinh thần thờ phượng Chúa hết long của mọi người giúp tôi trưởng thành hơn trong Chúa.
  • Somehow, this retreat felt so short. I feel like I needed another full day here. I can’t believe the weekend flew by that fast.
  • More familiar worship songs.
  • Tôi cần đọc, học và suy gẩm lời Chúa nhiều hơn. Tôi cần tham gia vào các hoạt động dả ngoại, học hỏi lời Chúa cùng mọi người.
  • Maybe break into small groups to bond with each other closer than large groups. Be with that small group in activities/Bible study to grow closer spiritual + social support.
  • I am so blessed to join the retreat, but maybe I could do a little more in the camp.
  • More reflection time, College/young adult-related Bible studies.
  • Longer devotion time.
  • The lighting during the worship.
  • Having more outings together, lunch outings, or another retreat. Just have something where everyone can meet up together.
  • I came late to the retreat. I think if I would come on time it will offer me more time to spend with God.
  • The dimmed lights during worship.
  • Những hoạt động “Đi tìm mật thư”hay “Đi tìm kho báu”…có thể giúp các bạn them những cơ hội để trò chuyện, giúp đỡ lẫn nhau hơn.

Share more about your weekend experience . . .

  • I encountered God through His creations. Quietly and in Silence, I can hear and listen to Him. My decisions are to follow Him in His examples, take risks and be out of my comfort zone to seek and find the needs from God. I need to realize where I am at and how much debt I owed God, and then to be grateful and thankful that He has forgiven all my sins. Realization is an important point to turn back and repent.
  • I encountered God through worshiping. I made a decision not to judge. Decided to be a good model of Christ (shows love & care). Open up to new believers.
  • God surprises me!! I didn’t really expect to be able to be comfortable around my peers, but God allowed it. He showed me a lot of wonderful things like the stars and His creations. I have made a decision to follow God with all my heart and to show His love and grace to others.
  • Được biết nhiều hơn về Chúa. Tôi được gặp Chúa qua lời Chúa, qua tình yêu thương của mọi người với nhau, qua thiên nhiên Chúa dựng nên. Phải quan tâm và nói chuyện với những người mới tin Chúa, cho họ thấy được tình yêu thương của Chúa và tình yêu thương giữa an hem trong Chúa với nhau.
  • I encountered God through nature. I have decided to follow Him. Only focus on God and have faith in His promises to follow Him better.
  • This weekend has been awesome. I feel our community of young adults has gotten to know each other a whole lot better. We became closer in relationship because of our relationship in Christ. From now on, we can be truly comfortable with each other.
  • I wasn’t too optimistic going into the retreat, but the experience exceeded my expectations and I’m glad I came. I encountered God by spending time in nature and look at His creation. I felt God’s love through sunshine and the air breeze. I’ve made a decision to become a faithful follower of Christ. I will try to tell my friends about God so they can feel the love that I feel.
  • This is probably one of the camps I will remember from start to finish. God was so present as always is. I encountered Him in His words and in the fellowship with my brothers and sisters here. So many awesome laughs. I have made a decision to just follow God. I will continue reading and living out the word of God.
  • Được gặp Chúa một cách riêng tư và có những kết ước mới với Chúa. Thật sự mời Chúa đồng hành và hướng dẫn mỗi suy nghỉ, những quyết định, những việc làm trong hiện tại và tương lai.
  • Good experience/break away from daily routine. To dedicate more time/build closer relationship with Christ.
  • Wonderful weekend. I will read Bible every night to find out the important secret.
  • Word, worship, sing, meditation time. Follow Jesus and be humble, surrender all to him, and continuous serving to God with my study group. Think about how to effectively bring the Gospel to the non-believers. Pray for leaders and members of the church.
  • Through spending time with yourself, with others, and creation. Through this, I was able to strengthen my walk with God. I will help others follow Him better by providing an encouraging environment, and being supportive of others
  • It was an action-packed weekend. Always had activity going on. Scripture helped me encounter God this weekend. Being able to dissect each passage showed deeper meaning. For me, I feel that I can help myself and others follow Him better by being open to people and be more receptive. Accepting and loving everyone as individuals is something I want to work on.
  • Just being able to see the beauty of His creation and how it works in perfect harmony. To get more involved with making new friends and being there for others in their times of need.
  • I encounter God through devotion. I decided to follow him, live by action, not word, to love him more by following His commandments. Share my experience with them, guide them to the word of God, encourage and build them up.
  • I need to spend more time with God + dwell in His word more so I can have a basic foundation in order to save my brother & sister in Christ.
  • I’ll keep trying to seek God’s words. Trying to learn His wisdom so I can become a better person to my family & friends. Last thing, I’ll try to keep everyone in my prayers and ask them to worship more.
  • I see everyone, not just as individuals, but as a big family of God. We fellowship with one another and we share our life stones and faith in God. I have learned to share and care for others other than just myself.
  • I have decided to outreach more to my peers.  Have also learned that we should be thankful for the small things.
  • It’s a great experience for me. I had chance to get close to my brothers in God, and got to know each other better. I think whenever I worship in this retreat, I get the feeling that God presence is with us all the time. I have decided to follow Jesus all my life. I will contribute more to my church, my family in God.
  • I was touched by the music. I will talk about Jesus to my peers a lot more.
  • Tôi cảm thấy mình tự tin hơn trong chuyến đi này. Mạnh dạn hơn trong việc nói Tiếng Anh. Học biết về sự phước hạnh nếu quyết định “Theo Chúa.”

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Andy & Mylee Ho Diep January 31, 2012 at 2:11 pm

Chỉ nhìn thôi cũng thấy đủ vui
RETREAT, camping đến mọi người
Hiking, đoàn kết SHARE Lời CHÚA
Cuộc sống yên bình thỏa mãn vui..

Chúc mừng Đoàn Thanh Niên Hội Thánh Tin Lành Ận Điển Milpitas những ngày đi RETREAT trở về hâm nóng Lời Chúa, hăng say hầu việc NGÀI, Amen!


Pauly Nguyen February 1, 2012 at 9:12 am

I love how this thing is in English and Vietnamese!!! Imagine if at the next retreat, people will share their experiences in French, Spanish, Afrikaans, and etc.



TrucNhi February 1, 2012 at 4:04 pm

xD hahahahhahah I like your poem Co My Le.


BangLan Phan April 9, 2012 at 11:12 am

WOW, tho hay qua co oi <3


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