Expect a warm family atmosphere

Although we are a shy people, most of our first time guests experience a warm welcome and feel right at home.  As you enter the building, you’ll find an inviting atmosphere where everyone is genuinely glad that you are here.  If you need time to warm up to people, just find your way to the refreshment table where there’re always delicious goodies and fresh brewed coffee. But if you don’t mind mingling, you will find yourself among the friendliest people you know.

Expect to be welcomed just as you are

You can dress formal or you can dress casual, as long as you’re comfortable.  We care more about you than what you wear. Our church family is comprised of people of all stages of life, from preschoolers to elderly, singles and married, widows and divorcees, Vietnamese and English speaking, newly immigrated and long time settlers.  By the grace of God we all like to hang out together, and we’d love to extend that grace to you.

Expect a grace filled worship experience

Like you, we come just as we are, inadequate and seeking.  We are not professional musicians, and we are still awkward in conducting a worship service, but we come with a sincere heart.  And God has not failed to meet with us.  His grace is always abundant.  We invite you to come and experience it with us.

Please come!