If you like what you see and would like to know more, we are just a phone call (or email) away.  Or, we invite you to explore our church community through these steps:

Get To Know

Come check us out next Sunday morning. You will be blessed by your desire to worship God, and you will get to know our friendly community in person. If you have a prayer need, we are here to pray for you.  If you want someone to talk to, we are here to befriend you.  We are here to share the grace of God to you.

Get Connected

After a few visits, if you still like us, we invite you to our monthly orientation dinner, an opportunity to mingle over a warm meal.  You will have a better feel for the heart beat for the community, and you will get a chance to ask any question you may have. All in a casual atmosphere.

You can also participate in one of several ministry groups available.  Some groups are small.  Others large. Some speak Vietnamese.  Some English. Even some groups are bilingual. We have separate groups for different age range.  Even the children have their own little community that they love to hang out with.  If you come as a family, chances are each family member will find a group that they feel belong to.

We pray that you will soon feel a sense of belonging in this community.  More than that, we pray that you will know you belong to the Almighty God who loves you and will take care of all your needs.